Saturday, November 17, 2012

Updates -DST and Naps

Updates on Daylight Savings Nightmares and Nap time trials as promised.

I was very concerned about my son waking up an hour early after Daylight Savings moved our clocks back an hour. I was very right, the first night he woke promptly at 4:30 am, his normal time being 5:30 am. That is an hour that where I really felt the difference and was angry at the clock gods for having set this in motion. His naps were off, he was eating his meals far too early, it was difficult at first and I couldn't help but wonder how long it was all going to last. Luckily I was fortunate and the effect was very short lived. After just a few days he began to regulate and under a week things were back to normal. Lessons I learned here were to have patience as things will work out and to also not plan an important activity the day of the clock change!

Keeping with the sleep theme, I finally experienced my Eureka! moment that I had been long overdue - he went to sleep on his own in the day! After trying several tricks and giving up time and again, finally we got the balance right and with the help of his nummy and Ocean Wonders Fisher Price Aquarium we have achieved success. He has found his nitch of a schedule of sorts - napping between 10:30 and 11 and again around 2pm. We wait until he shows the tell-tale signs of being tired - rubbing his eyes, whining, fussiness. We put him in his crib and sometimes he cries a little, but in usually 5 minutes or less he is snoozing away, kicked off with his hands tucked behind his head. It is a very sweet victory and worth the struggle it took to get there.

Momma would love to hear about your Eureka moments and sleep tricks, feel free to comment here, on my  Facebook or tweet me @hollymommablog.

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