Monday, November 05, 2012

Tell me the Tooth - and Boy Does it Hurt!

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Eureka! I see a tooth! No wait - I see two teeth!

After almost three months of gritting my teeth and watching my son drool, bite, suck, chew cold teethers, and cry out in pain, finally I see something white. I actually felt it before I saw it, the sharp jagged edge that is unmistakably his first tooth. Two days later after being up EVERY hour (no exaggeration) the night before, another tooth broke the surface. He was crying out in his sleep in agony. I tried everything, rocking him to get into a deep sleep, benedryl on his gums, feeding, changing, walking, rubbing his belly, singing, shhushing, cold nummys, spite of all of this I was up most of the night anyway. It was by far the worst night I have punched since becoming a mom, even in the beginning with 3 feeds a night. At least he went back to sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time then .

The next day out of desperation I went searching for something else to soothe his gums, what I was trying simply wasn't cutting it. Also, I NEEDED some sleep. I know it sounds selfish to think about me but the truth was that if I didn't get enough sleep I didn't give him the best care I could the next day. My lethargy made play time shorter and more laborious, and my patience was definitely thinner. It's a good thing he's so cute!

I discovered that adult benedryl was recommended, I only had ever used children's, but it apparently wasn't strong enough. I set off ready to try the stronger medicine the next night. I did have a slightly easier night, he only woke 4 times instead of every 20 minutes. Now the teeth are coming up nicely and he did manage to sleep much better. If only daylight savings hadn't happened in the middle of all of it. I guess that's all part of the tests we face as parents.

That all being said I am so excited to look into his little mouth and see the two tooth buds on his bottom gums. He is worth every time I throw my feet on the floor out from under my warm cozy sheets. It breaks my heart to know how much pain this is causing him, how I wish children could be born with their teeth!

Momma's Musts
  • Do what you have to - try every strategy that you can think of in times of struggle. You never know what might help, even if it didn't before. If nothing else it helps keep you feel like you are helping!
  • Love yourself too. It's okay to feel frustrated or discouraged, or even a little selfish when your little one is having a rough time. It's hard on you too, and you're allowed to feel their pain!
  • Love the milestones anyway, no matter the struggle that it takes to reach them. It's because they are so tough to reach that makes them seem like such a big deal!

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