Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Rush.....already....

I am going to preface this post by saying that I really enjoy Christmas and the feeling that comes along with it. I love the songs, the wrapping presents, the cookies. I love the parties, the parades, the tv specials, and the busy time between Christmas and New Years.  However, I'm just not ready for it yet.

I took my little guy out shopping this weekend and again today. I was disheartened at the craziness that has consumed the mall, and the now extremely dangerous parking lot for motorists and pedestrians alike. I spent over an hour simply arriving at the mall, doing one walk through and making a single purchase and then trying to get off the parking lot. It was absolute madness! It felt like the day before Christmas, not the month! Today I opted to try Costco as it was a Monday morning and thought it may be one of the slower days.  It reminded me of a crazy Saturday, filled to the brim and horribly congested. I arrived early and there were no shopping carts left, clogged aisles and overflowing check outs. Drivers on parking lots have less patience, horns seem to honk more frequently; in the air there's the feeling - of rushing! I know this is part of the Christmas experience every year and maybe it's just me - but it seems like it starts earlier and gets crazier every year. 

The shopping is one thing to notice, but I have heard Christmas songs already, seen lights lit up on houses, know people who are baking cookies and many who are already wrapping presents and trimming trees. I know I sound like a grinch and feel a "Ba-Hum Bug" in the air but I am really not. I love the Christmas feeling, but there is a time for that, and to me that time is just not here yet. I think we are wearing out Christmas if we start too early, taking away that simple feeling of making ourselves wait a little longer in anticipation. Maybe I'm old fashioned, or just plain conservative, but I want to wait a little bit longer before I start my typical holiday habits.  

I know this is a controversial topic and for every person out there who shares my opinion there is at least one who completely supports the opposite and loves an early start to the Christmas season.  For me personally, I just wasn't quite ready for that feeling to avoid crowds and trying to shop at "low" times just yet, I was hoping for another couple of weeks before the real craze started. Sigh. That's all.

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