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Hello Everyone and Welcome to Holly Momma!

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I am a busy momma and have decided to have my say on the internet ha!  Some of my posts will be about my experiences, some will be my opinions and some will have Momma's Musts - some advice that has served me well. I appreciate all my readers whether you are brand new or a regular. I am open to ideas about future posts so drop me a line if you have a thought to share!

For the readers I remind you that I am one person and I am very aware that my opinion is not the only one out there. I respect the opinions of all those out there and I am doing this blog for entertainment purposes only. 

Finally, each post on this blog is my own work and is not to be reproduced or used as someone else's. I copyright this as my own material and not to be used without my permission.

Enjoy, leave a comment, suggest a post!

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