Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Things that I Never Really Anticipated Before Becoming a Mom

Here is a list of 10 things that have happened because of becoming a mom - none of which I anticipated as being part of the mom deal.

1. Hair loss. After baby was about a month old I began to lose my hair in large clumps. I would find it all over the house - on the floor, in my bed, in the drains, in my baby's hands - everywhere.  It was an unpleasant side effect but it seems to be slowing down now and I've even got new hair growing on my forehead.

2. "Ish". Timing things with baby can be tough so when meeting someone - I always add it - "I'll be there by 3ish" because you can only approximate time with a baby. The little one is running the show and the best you can hope for is a ballpark time. This also works when someone asks you a question about the recent past - "When did you last feed baby?" again, the "ish" answer is required because memory is usually a little foggy "Ah, around 2ish??"

3. Little tiny things are so exciting. Rolling a certain way, saying "d" on the way to "dada", lifting himself up a teeny bit higher while on his belly - all is such a giant step for baby and means so much to me. I have shrieked with excitement over the tinest development and love every bit of it!

4. Children's songs and TV shows. I find myself humming and singing songs from Disney Jr. and Treehouse channels, and actually enjoying the songs and having preferences for shows. I also am critical about the "adult" parts of the shows in a funny way - such as why does Handy Manny never recieve payment for all his jobs? Haha.

5. Suddenly having no idea what's going on. This one kind of ties in with #4- I rarely catch the daily news because I never noticed the time or I just plain forgot to bother switching the channel. I have discovered that a PVR is my new best friend to allow myself to actually watch some of my own shows when I can, and also to have certain kiddie programs ready on a second's notice for a fussy baby.

6. My willingness to handle body fluids. I was the type that got grossed out by all things human - blood, vomit, poop, mucus, you name it.  Now,  when my son poops I change him willingly and as fast as I can because I don't want him to be uncomfortable. Then I analyze the poop to make sure he's having healthy movements for the right consistency and colors - I even checked out a photo album online to match the poop. The pre-mommy me would NEVER have been able to stomach that. Now it doesn't matter at all to me - spit up, puke, poop, bring it on!

7.My ability to measure - Before my son arrived I had no idea how big a baby would be at any stage. Now I can pick up a set of sleepers in a store without looking at the tag and know if it will fit my son now, or have an idea of when it did fit or will fit in the future. I am also good at judging ounces without any measuring marks- I had no idea how big an ounce was before I had my baby.

8. The value of one free hand. I have surprised myself with the range of things I can do with baby in one arm with the other hand free. I can pour, stir, open jars, move laundry, lay down blankets, eat, water plants, carry bags, - you name it.  I can also pick some things up with my toes now...haha

9. Bedtime. My bedtime has drastically changed since baby. While my little guy is a pretty good sleeper, you can never know when he is going to have a bad night. So I have taken to getting into my bed shortly after he gets into his. I don't always go tp sleep right away, sometimes I read or watch TV but I find staying up a possible waste of necessary relaxation time that I simply cannot afford.

10. How much I love cuddles. I can never get enough of those moments when my baby is in my arms and snuggling up or just sitting with me, hanging out with mom. It will never be enough!

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