Friday, October 26, 2012

Reel Babies - Let's go to the Movies!

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Did you know that you can take your baby to the movies? Well its true. At select Empire Theatre locations they offer a periodical movie event specially designed for mommy (and daddy!) and baby. I was surprised how many of my mommy friends had never heard of this so I think it warrants a post.

Every other Wednesday in St. John's there is a Reel Babies movie at 11am.  The price is $10 and yes, the concession stands are open. It's a great concept - pull up in your stroller and buy your ticket from the automated terminals, guest services or the concession stand. Park your stroller outside the selected theatre in the stroller lot (just like in the picture above!) and proceed to the theatre. Take your baby in his/her carrier and they can have their own seat. Inside you will find two change tables, a bottle warming station, a playpen and if you are lucky enough to get there early - a row filled with exer-saucers, swings, some vibrating chairs and even a rocking chair. The lights are kept on, the sound is a little lower and don't worry if baby cries! Feed, play, pace - whatever you need to do with baby.  Come with a mommy friend or go alone with just you and baby - lots of mommys do! Bring a non-mommy friend either if they can handle the crying! Fill out a ballot at the outside tables before you come in for a chance to win a great prize for baby.

A great feature is that you can have your say in what movie is shown. Sign up on Empire Theatres website, click on Programs and select Reel Babies. Two Fridays before the movie you will recieve an email indicating which movies are available to vote on for the next upcoming movie. The next Reel Babies movie is coming up in two weeks time - November 7th, 2012, and voting opens this coming Friday, October 26th, 2012. Other theatres in Canada offer the same -check out a theatre near you.

I would highly recommend this outing for any mommy or daddy that has an infant.  Myself and my son love it - it's such a treat. It's a great way to get out with baby and do something fun for you that's pressure free and baby friendly. You can tend to baby's needs and still see the movie and if your baby cries, don't worry - you are not alone!

Momma's Musts

  • Sign up. Get yourself a membership and vote!
  • Go! Get yourself in gear and make it to the next Reel Babies showing - you'll have a great time :) 

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