Thursday, April 04, 2013

Birthday Bash!

Time is getting short for my little guy's first big birthday. It has inspired me to talk about what else? The significance, the party and all that goes with it.  

The first birthday party is one that is very significant for your little one and for you and your partner as well. It's the very first time someone in your little family other than yourselves gets to have a birthday. You created a birthday in your life, and I think that's very cool!

For me it will undoubtedly always be a time of reminiscing. Before that famous birth date I was not a mother, and unknown to me I had all kinds of time on my hands. When I was pregnant I was aware that it was going to happen, but the difference between knowing it's coming and actually experiencing that feeling and living the reality of it is two completely different things.  I am reminded of the labour and delivery and the first days home and all the firsts and unexpectedness and things that I experienced. I think of that feeling that you really do forget what life was like without this little person in it, and the feeling of pure joy that words will never really express. It will always be my little one's birthday, but for me it will also be my "becoming a mother day".

Spending time around my mommy friends I have heard of many different party scenarios from the no party with just cake and mommy and daddy to the big bash with every friend, neighbour and relative in attendance. As usual I am going to fall somewhere in the middle with a family party, some food and cake and basically take the time to acknowledge my son's first year.

Whatever you plan to do, here are a checklist of some things to consider :
  • Venue - will you book a public place or have it at home?
  • Guests - Are you having family and friends? Just family? If so, extended? Immediate? If friends - everyone? Or just those with kids?
  • Food - Are you going to serve a meal? What kind of snacks/prep is involved? Are you considering allergies?
  • Cake - Are you going to bake your little one's first cake or are you going to opt for cupcakes or a speciality order? Should you choose this option here, I would highly recommend Cake Queen to take care of this for you. Check out her pictures of speciality cakes - she can make one to suit your tastes :)
  • Pictures - Are you going to be the designated photographer? Or do you have a relative/friend to ensure you capture the moment? Will you opt to hire someone to take care of things so you can relax and enjoy the party? If you choose #3 - may I suggest Knotty Pictures? Check out the portfolio on the website
  • Decorations - Are you having any? Are they going to be homemade? Or are you going to search them out retail?
  • Date/Time - Are you doing a morning or afternoon? Can you have it on the actual birthday or will it be a nearby weekend?  Have you considered nap time??
  • Entertainment - this may be more for older children but you never know! Do you want a magician or a hired entertainer? Are you going to opt for party games like pin-the-tail-on-the donkey or a pinata? Or will it just be kids playing and doing their own thing?

Ultimately the type of birthday party you have is up to you as parents. If you want to keep it simple do just that, and if you feel the urge to throw a big party, that's up to you too. As always, everyone is different and the important thing is to do what you want and try to avoid someone on the outside making that call for you. Do what you're comfortable with!

Happy Birthday Babies!

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