Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Blahs

It's cold. It's windy. It's enough to cut ya. It's January. Blah.

I have two minds this winter, like the proverbial devil/angel on your shoulder. Except instead of these two guys, I have a warm and a cold momma sitting on opposite shoulders. The warm momma is curled up with baby in an armchair, a fireplace roaring, warm blankets, tv, and hot tea. This momma is saying, stay home, it's too cold, what could possibly be more important that sitting here in the warmth? She reminds me of my stupidity to not get the remote start for the my car when I have to trudge outside to do it, and scrape with snow up past my boots.  I think of the mess of salt on my pants and baby blankets and the sharp wind that actually hurts your face when you race across the parking lot at a busy store. When you sweat inside those stores because you are dressed for outside frigid windchills of below -20 and not heated stores. Hats and layers are bulky and hot and this can make you more easily frustrated. This is the time when getting out of your toasty warm car (or house) is the last thing you want to do. 

Then there's cold momma who, although cold is still getting out and "getting the smell of house off her". That momma encourages trips to play groups and scheduling playdates, going to reel babies and for walks around the mall with baby, and just visiting friends or having coffee dates - snow, salt and wind included. That momma makes sense and keeps you from getting into a rut, but she's COLD!!!

I am somewhere in the middle, but warm momma is stronger. She can talk me out of a planned but "unnecessary" trip out to run some errands better than cold momma can get me to bundle baby up.  Sigh. I have to let cold momma get stronger as I can't stay home so much. I always feel better when I do go out. In spite of my frosty fingers and cold legs, I am glad to have gotten something accomplished or to have stood up to mother nature and visited some friends. I hope that winter is short, can't wait for flip flops and tank tops and not having to put 4000 layers on baby to just so we can leave the house!


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