Friday, January 04, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Ah yes, another year over. Christmas presents unwrapped and put to use or returned, visitors packed up and gone home, leftovers all eaten or tossed away, decorations boxed up and stored away for next year. If your homelife is anything like mine, you can say that you found that Christmas came and went so fast it left you spinning.

We had one of the busiest Christmas seasons I have ever experienced in my life with only two days over the last 17 where we saw no one or did nothing. My son is the only grandchild on both sides of the family and he had a very busy time entertaining and keeping all of his extended family company.  Despite my best efforts, his routine fell off track several times, and we had a couple of rough nights but all in all, it was worth it. That being said, I am eager to let him play in the quiet again, to have some time to explore his new toys in peace and not be constantly brought from one house to another, and to stop eating his meals in someone's arms or from his carrier. He was great throughout it all and I heard him laugh more often in these past two weeks than ever before. Someone told me on one of my many visits that Christmas is hardest on children and animals, as they have the hardest times re-adjusting to changes in their routine. I think my little guy handled it well, but I bet if he could say more than "mom-mom" and "baaaa" he would say "phew, glad I can have some quiet time now", haha.

New years brings with it that feeling of hope, fresh starts, the cliches of resolutions and new beginnings. I can't help myself, I feel like starting something new, and wiping clean some part of myself or my life that I can do better, or change, or even drop. I like to do a little de-cluttering of my life and look at where I am and see if that lines up with where I want to be. 2012 was a big year for me. I became a mom and spent the better part of my time not working, well, not outside the home at least. What I learned this year has amazed me and how my entire world is completely different, but one of the funny things is I am still basically the same person. Granted I have the title mother to proudly wear now but I have added so much more greatness to my life and came out happier than ever before, but I am still same ol me under all of it. My life has never felt so purposeful and has never been better.

I wonder what this year will bring? What will my son learn? This is the year he will walk, talk and transform from a beautiful baby to a handsome little boy. I am so eager for all the new milestones and events, but at the same time, I am hanging on to his last few months as a baby, desperately clinging to the memories that we are making. I am very hopeful for what this year will bring!

Happy New Year to all my readers and stay tuned for some posts on baby topics, relating to my growing son, in the coming weeks!

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