Sunday, February 17, 2013

Momma Loves her Coupons!

Today I am going to mention some of the great coupons and samples that I have recieved over the course of my pregnancy/maternity leave.  Some you may know about, others you may not - look them up if you didn't know! Free stuff is great!

  • At Motherhood by Maternity, the maternity clothes store, if you register with them you will recieve some email offers and some free samples in the mail from various baby companies.
  • I have recieved samples from Enfamil ( and Similac in the form of cans of powder, individual pre-mixed bottles, cans of lactose free milk, and individual packets of ready mix powder.  My son was breastfed most of the time, but there were a couple of emergency moments when formula was necessary. It was great to have formula in the house for those times when we didn't have time to run out and pick out a formula.
  • I registered on and recieved a diaper bag (and it's my favorite one, it's a small backpack), Good Start Formula, cereal samples, a Nuk bottle and pamphlets of information. You can register for each baby that you have too!
  • Between these companies I also have gotten several "cheques" for money off purchasing formula, coupons for discounts off Fisher Price toys and discounts on baby food and baby cereal. They are for small amounts but every little bit helps, especially when on a reduced income!
  • On both Pampers and Huggies diapers and wipes there are small tags with codes that you can register online and collect points to obtain items at a later date.
  • Air Miles has several baby items as rewards for various amounts of miles
That's all that comes to Momma's mind at this point in time, but if there are more I will mention them in future posts. 

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Anonymous said...

Haha love it. I am a huge fan of coupons, even though it embarasses my mate especially in a restaurant. Thanks for the tips.

Cristie Krenz